After Market Services

Generating Smart Aftermarket Impact

RDN-GLOBAL offers extensive aftermarket services to our worldwide customer base, including technical support services, training and licensee conferences.

We provide technical support services through our Partner’s Plant Performance Improvement Group, which is specifically dedicated to enhancing the productivity of our customers’ existing plants. Our services cover all areas of plant operation, including:

  • Plant performance audit/assessment
  • Evaluation of plant safety and incident investigation
  • Optimization of plant-wide energy and utility consumption
  • Application of the latest innovations and technologies
  • Optimization of feedstock selection and feed flexibility issues
  • Optimization of process control
  • Commissioning/startup procedures/assistance
  • Evaluation and resolution of maintenance issues
  • Waste minimization and resolution of environmental issues

In addition, we provide process, equipment, P&I and control system design reviews, and we can evaluate the design created by the customer’s staff or a third party, applying our broad experience to find the best approach. Our R&D pilot plants include facilities for testing and developing reactor designs and catalyst formulations.


RDN-Global offers in-depth standard and customized training programs for all licensee plant staff, including engineers, operators and maintenance specialists, prior to plant startup

Technical Illustration

Illustrations help in understanding the assembly and nature of the operation. We at RDN-Global offer technical illustration along with technical authoring as a service that spans industry domains. We use 2D and 3D computer-generated drawings and implement the graphical representation proportionately and accurately without losing the essence of specific measurements and dimensions of the product.

Our technical illustrations include the following:

  • Catalogues: Illustrated parts catalogue, illustrated parts list
  • Bulletins: Engineering change, service bulletins, maintenance directives, etc.
  • Technical manuals: Cleaning, inspection and repair; structural repair; component maintenance manual; engine manual; operations manual; safety manual; etc.

Repair Engineering

Repair services are intended to retain, restore or enhance a functional unit to a specified state in which it can perform its required functions. At RDN-Global we have extensive experience in repair engineering, and we provide repair engineering services across multiple industries. Our repair engineering services include the following.

  • Cleaning inspection and repair development: Generate repair technical data
  • Repair process engineering: Prepare repair process plan and damage work instructions
  • Durability and damage tolerance analysis: Enable aftermarket repair development, validation through design, and ensure certification under appropriate regulation
  • Engineering production concessions: Revalidate any deviations or nonconformities from the original design through subsequent design and analysis
  • Product refurbishment: Help enhance features or product life

How We Can Help

  • We provide one-stop repair solutions for MRO companies, and bring multidomain expertise in aero engines, structures, interiors, avionics and systems.
  • Our offering includes complete repair engineering solutions consisting of third party DER signatory.

Quick facts

  • Technical documents translated in over 40 languages
  • Partnership with Worldwide  Translation Technologies and companies across the globe
  • In-house tool to check word usage in accordance with simplified technical English
  • Translated operations and maintenance manuals in more than 15 languages for multiple OEMs across industries
  • Denver Automated Quality Assurance tool developed to ensure usage of word list given by clients